Salary of Business Degree Graduates

Different levels of educations have different salary stages. For instance, the business degree salary of the associate’s degree level can be initially promising and further increment will only follow with more experience and better portfolio. The associate’s degree is enough to elevate one’s position to the retail, marketing, finance, and technology department. Comparatively, the technology industry offer wider variety of employment opportunities with more optimistic salary range. Usually the entry-level of associate’s degree jobs range between US$25,000 to US$40,000 per year albeit this may vary according to the field and location of work.

Other business salaries under the associate levels including the retail department where assistant managers are expected to earn an average weekly wages of about US$228 to US$320 and this amount has been predicted to grow up to 11 percent in the year 2018. Jobs like computer specialists specializing in the banking field can receive salaries of up to an average US$14.36 an hour, with possible 10 percent job growth, a forecast made by the Labor Bureau Department. On the other hand, accounting clerks can earn approximately US$14 an hour with percentage growth expected to be 9 percent through 2018.

Comparing the business degree salary, those having a bachelor’s degree in business are more likely to be employed in the managerial positions where the salary depends entirely on the area of business selected. Meaning, the salary will vary according to the type of business although the range has been marked to be between US$35,000 and US$50,000 annually. Probing into a breakdown of the salaries, accountants with CPA qualification can make an approximate annual salary of about US$54,630 while basic bank managers can generate income of about US$44.02 per hour with 11 percent expected growth by the year 2018.

The highest paying qualification for business salaries is the master’s degree level. This is because it delivers broader array of opportunities in upper level management positions. To be exact, most of the positions offer annual salaries of a minimum figure US$60,000. With the master’s degree, any financial managers can probably make up to US$90,070 with further increment chances within two to three years of work. Operations managers at the upper tier are expected to earn about US$94,992 in any of the competitive business corporation companies.

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